Saturday, March 31, 2012

colour block

i love the ensemble!

Rihanna for Vogue

Though i am not a fan of Rihanna's music i must say i admire her ability to transform her self in terms of her sense of style. she is most popular now i believe for the amount of times she has revamped her hair. i have loved every look that she has put up.

Also Rihanna is fierce, she wears what ever she wants, as risque as it may seem. in that aspect she also gains a star from me, I believe an individuals sense of fashion should not be curbed by what people around you want it to be, rather a personal interpretation of what you are and what you feel.

Rihanna's red hair is feisty, i love it,i so have a thing for redheads, for a non- Caucasian she rocks the hair pretty damn well. my next favourite is definitely the short hair with one side shaved off.

my favourite Rihanna look

The March 2012 Vogue issue is adorned with the gorgeous body and style of Ri-Ri.

Herve Leger by Max Azria cutout swim suit and Alexander Wang booties

Lanvin silk dress

she does this lip twitch move type thing often

Donna Karan New York body suit. i love the hair!!!!!

i love this cover look, its absolutely gorgeous.

RiRi goes for what she wants,she is a trend setter to reckon with. you should to, be a bold fashionista.
i had my second article up for Ynaija today, read here. have a great month ahead.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

outfit blank, colour block.

Last night, i looked into my closet and had no idea what to wear. i didn't want to wear pants, and i couldn't wear a skirt like I'd like, i decided to wear red S.Oliver pants, less heat that way. since it was red i thought I'd colour block it with a fuchsia pink shirt...

i had my signature Converse sling bag, arm candy and some Gambian drop earrings in orange and a necklace got in Ghana, and George flats..

i had such a long day today and folks wont stop asking about my braids.....
I'm loving my new year make up trend, which i mentioned here, rather than the popular raccoon eyes, the purple eyes i love!

my Gambian earrings

Ghanaian pendant, i so love it

i have rocked these George shoes! they are tired of me, i should get a new pair

this pseudo-smile....
there is my signature bag *grins*
goofy soldier pose
some goofy shots i took...

till next time,


Monday, March 26, 2012

Damien Marley/ Marni inspired look

 Two years back my Grandfather got me this shirt for Valentines day, i absolutely love it. He bought in while he was away at Malaysia. i love the mix of patterns on the shirt is such a beauty.

i mentioned in my last post that i got my hair braided. it took me about four hours plus to get these braids done, i love them, especially in the wine shade of hair extensions i used.

The inspiration behind my look today was actually two things, first, it was trying to channel my inner Marni for H&M look with the shirt, however i had to tone it down with grey H&M chinos, pastel pink skinny belt so brighten the look abit. Second was a picture a friend of mine sent to me that siad ''stressed, depressed but well dressed'.

i love my Maybelline lip gloss

my toned down Marni look

i love the mix of print on this shirt, and of course my Dorothy Perkins earrings

my arm candy! i love my green heart shaped Anna Ashley watch 

Grey H&M chinos, pastel pink H&M belt, metallic silver H&M flats

i heart this shirt!!!!! 

i was just fooling around with my camera

back view of my braids

i look like i am greatly puzzled by whats on the board in front of me in this picture, whilst showing off my Damien  Marley inspired braids

my Beyonce pose....
my Damien Marley / Marni inspired look.



Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sunglasses are a fashion staple.
they do not just protect our eyes from the harmful UV-rays emitted by the sun but are also a fashion accessory.
they come in various frames, there are Aviators, Way-farers, Jackie- O, cat eyed and others.
 a few tips:
 1.purchase sun glasses that fit properly and frame your face appropriately
2.sun glasses are not to be worn indoors, except you are of course, Karl Lagerfeld, or a blind man
3. sunglasses are not a substitute for head, hair bands so they shouldnt be worn on the head
4. the lens of your sunglasses should be wiped with the cloth it came with, or tissues, not your palms.

Ray Ban aviators

cat-eyed sunglasses

Jackie- O sunglasses

Ray-ban Aviator sunglasse

Designer Feature : Hermes

Hermes is a popular prestigious French house of luxury products for both man and women. The Hermes Birkin bag on the most wanted list of almost every fashionista, word on the street is that Victoria Beckham has everyone ever made. However today, I am not here to talk about the various Hermes bags; I am here to feature their accessories, bracelets, belts and watches.

The Hermes bracelets and belts are the new ‘must have’ on fashionista’s lists, even myself.

Bracelet of Hermes Jewelry collection are inspired by the shape of a horse's
Hoof to keep with the fashion house's equestrian roots. Taking the
Roughest, strongest, almost radical elements give the most modern interpretation to
all the fashion women.
  The pronounciation of Hermes is usually confused, its pronounced / er-maize/

now this is an ensemble

Hermes collier de chien

Hermes H-hour watch

Hermes Kelly watch

Hermes Medor watch

leather strapped Hermes bracelet

Silver Hermes enamel bracelet

Hermes belts in various designs and colours

Hermes Arceau Chrono Alezan watch

i love this watch!

Hermes Kelly double tour bracelet

Hermes belt

it'd be so cool if i could be a collector of Hermes products, someday very soon.
i got my hair braided during the week, pictures soon.
 my week was pretty crappy, the highlight was when an article by yours truly was posted on a website, i was beyond excited, it was by far the highlight of my week, you can view it HERE.
i hope next week is better
Enjoy the rest of your week.