Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rihanna for Vogue

Though i am not a fan of Rihanna's music i must say i admire her ability to transform her self in terms of her sense of style. she is most popular now i believe for the amount of times she has revamped her hair. i have loved every look that she has put up.

Also Rihanna is fierce, she wears what ever she wants, as risque as it may seem. in that aspect she also gains a star from me, I believe an individuals sense of fashion should not be curbed by what people around you want it to be, rather a personal interpretation of what you are and what you feel.

Rihanna's red hair is feisty, i love it,i so have a thing for redheads, for a non- Caucasian she rocks the hair pretty damn well. my next favourite is definitely the short hair with one side shaved off.

my favourite Rihanna look

The March 2012 Vogue issue is adorned with the gorgeous body and style of Ri-Ri.

Herve Leger by Max Azria cutout swim suit and Alexander Wang booties

Lanvin silk dress

she does this lip twitch move type thing often

Donna Karan New York body suit. i love the hair!!!!!

i love this cover look, its absolutely gorgeous.

RiRi goes for what she wants,she is a trend setter to reckon with. you should to, be a bold fashionista.
i had my second article up for Ynaija today, read here. have a great month ahead.


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