Thursday, March 29, 2012

outfit blank, colour block.

Last night, i looked into my closet and had no idea what to wear. i didn't want to wear pants, and i couldn't wear a skirt like I'd like, i decided to wear red S.Oliver pants, less heat that way. since it was red i thought I'd colour block it with a fuchsia pink shirt...

i had my signature Converse sling bag, arm candy and some Gambian drop earrings in orange and a necklace got in Ghana, and George flats..

i had such a long day today and folks wont stop asking about my braids.....
I'm loving my new year make up trend, which i mentioned here, rather than the popular raccoon eyes, the purple eyes i love!

my Gambian earrings

Ghanaian pendant, i so love it

i have rocked these George shoes! they are tired of me, i should get a new pair

this pseudo-smile....
there is my signature bag *grins*
goofy soldier pose
some goofy shots i took...

till next time,


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