Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sunglasses are a fashion staple.
they do not just protect our eyes from the harmful UV-rays emitted by the sun but are also a fashion accessory.
they come in various frames, there are Aviators, Way-farers, Jackie- O, cat eyed and others.
 a few tips:
 1.purchase sun glasses that fit properly and frame your face appropriately
2.sun glasses are not to be worn indoors, except you are of course, Karl Lagerfeld, or a blind man
3. sunglasses are not a substitute for head, hair bands so they shouldnt be worn on the head
4. the lens of your sunglasses should be wiped with the cloth it came with, or tissues, not your palms.

Ray Ban aviators

cat-eyed sunglasses

Jackie- O sunglasses

Ray-ban Aviator sunglasse

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