Friday, February 24, 2012

my hair story

i cut my hair when i was about 8 or 9 years old. this because i had so much hair and it was thick and hurt to comb so it was cut. i carried an afro till my last year in high school.

december 2009 i got my first perm. i uses Soft-Sheen Carsons Dark and lovely relaxer.

last year somewhere in Europe i took my braids out and had my hair relaxed by a nice lady called Nikolai. less two months later my hair is dew again and un-comb-able. that relaxer is defiantely not made for African hair. if i relaxed my hair here, it would have lasted a little more than 3months.
i thought i'd try a new relaxer, only because it was organic and for kids and also because i my God mother uses it and she is in her sixties.
i headed to the salon to have it done, before the entire relaxer was put in my head, my whole head was on fire.

i begged the stylist to pls wash my hair out in like two minutes. i donot understand, its supposed to be a childrens kit and yet my hair totally rejected it. Hair too has feelings i guess. definately switching back to dark and lovely, it doesnt hurt at all, and keeps my perm in for long, its not too healthy to have a perm often. three to four months for me.
this is the out come of my perm. i love to keep my curls.

curls curls

curls and large earrings

i look so girly with this H&M glimmering head band and Opia heart-shaped earrings

more curls.

my God-mum also introduced me to this hair serum by Africa's best. its good stuff and most especially non-greasy. i recommend it.

know your hair type and treat it right

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Denim Dress

My cousin gave me this Denim and co denim dress last year and i had no idea how to wear it, until now.
here's what i figured.

behind is a sneek peek of my wardrobe

i'm obsessed with my Purple Identity watch. this ring is just so unusual i love it.
the denim dress is a short dress, love it all the more

cinched with a pastel pink belt

brown and bronze gladiators and my famous red sling bag with tassels.
in search of neon blue nail polish...

necklace,buttons, and rings

i saw this picture and i realise how much i look like my Ma
i like my purple eyeliner, not as in your face as black.
the red lips match the red sling bag :)

Dresss- denim and co
bow head band- H&M
earrings-bijou brigette
eyeliner- Ruby recommends
lipstick in rouge- Maybelline New York
Purple watch- H&M
sandals- new direction
sling purse, random
moons and pearls necklace- Accessorize

did i do good on waking up this denim dress?

Marni for H&M look book

finally pieces from the Marni for H&M collaboration have been previewed. there are some mind blowing pieces in it... some ankara looking out fits too.

i love this outfit, the sunglasses and the bracelets

look at these shoes, sweetness

the material of the jacket and skirt i like very much

i love this outfit, looking like some Vlisco ankara

how cool is the sequined peter pan collar

this outfit is soo cool, especially the Tee. i love the whole neutral make up and tousled hair

another ankara looking outfit. this neck piece is to die for, really.

minus the leggings, sooo cute.

i could so rock this!

H&M's collaborations have been very successful, this will be no exception. i love the prints :)

what do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

that night

a couple of weeks ago, my cousin called me and up on a friday night and suggested we hang together for the night, i was ok with it. however i had a little what to wear crisis, i finally decided on this outfit...

                        tank- Next
                        bubble mini- Divided for H&M
                        zipper sandals- Pimkie
                        pendant- H&M
                        purple watch - Swatch
                        arm candy- H&M, Bijou brigette, Accessorize
                        earrings- H&M
  and of course my usual traditional material used as a head wrap to add some spice to my outfit.
 After getting all dressed up, i didnt end up following him out. i stayed back at him place, watched Avengers, the cartoon series and ate cookies all night.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

my motivation

i stumbled on a blog by a lady called Dulce. and this is her closet! oh my freakin Judas!!!! its gorgeous... she also has her office in her closet, now how cool is that.
  so well organized. now this defines walk in closet. i absolutely love it. she is a fashion blogger and also a MUM, that defines a whole new level of cool!
  she seems to have H&M in almost all her outfits like , she could be my lost sister.

check her blog at

how short is too short.

lately  i have been into short outfits.... it gets pretty hot and jeans dont always work for me. i have decided to invest in shorts, they are really a sexy attire, turns heads. they can be dressed up or down.
i searched Google and found a couple of really nice ones.

i cannot even pick a favourite, i love them all :)

Giselle for Verscae

Giselle Bundchen is still hot!

recently the face of Givenchy's collection and now the face of the Versace's as well. these are some pictures from the shoot. stunning i say!

these wedges are no joke, i love them!

that slit is crazy, well she has the legs to rock it soooooooo

i absolutely love this piece, i will try make a replica of it....

my eyes are on that tote purse

i really like this photoshoot, Giselle's body is still rocking after a baby boy..

what do you think?