Friday, January 6, 2012

my 2011 products

last year i had so many random products i used. my favourite was coconut oil, it worked for me because i have really dry skin. it was also good for my hair. this year i decided to try add and remove some of those products.

1. i have always used vaseline, its good for dry skin and dry lips. it also serves as a make up remover, especially eyeliner.


2. i added the nivea skin tone lotion to my products. i sometimes mix it with my coconut oil and it leaves my skin nice and good looking.

Nivea even skin tone lotion

3. i discovered Lentheric ballet a while back and i have stuck to it, its a lavender scented body spray and i love it. i discovered Nivea in a foreign land and it worked for me, no adverse reactions and i have stuck to it since then, now i really like the Nivea idea because now i have 2  Nivea products that my body accepts.

Lentheric ballet body spray, Nivea double effect deodorant

4. white powder, always!!! awww, see my iPod and dock in the background....

white baby powder
 5. i have always used Maybelline mascara, i prefer theirs. the dramatic way in which it livens up my eyes is simply amazing. Maybelline eyeliner is black is a super product, long lasting, water resistant and could stay on for days if you dont wipe it off. Debenhams launched a new line of beauty products called Ruby Hammer Recommends and this purple eyeliner is from there. i decided to try purple because, first, its my favourite colour and it was a change from the usual blue and black and i love it. my Manhattan lipstick stays on forever, just what i need *smiles*

from left- maybelline volume express mascara, maybelline eyeliner in black, Ruby Hammer Recommends  eyeliner in purple,  Manhattan lipstck in pink

6. i discovered Maybelline express finish 40secs in the december issue of Cosmo UK, went into a store and got every colour i could find and i love, and yes it really does dry in 40seconds which is bliss, less smudged nail polish...

Maybelline express finish nail polish

i have recently added Hugo Boss woman to my perfume collection *smiles*
and also for my hair i use Olive oil hair serum, it works wonders.

i advice that you stick to familiar products to avoid skin reactions...
what other products do you recommend?


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