Monday, March 26, 2012

Damien Marley/ Marni inspired look

 Two years back my Grandfather got me this shirt for Valentines day, i absolutely love it. He bought in while he was away at Malaysia. i love the mix of patterns on the shirt is such a beauty.

i mentioned in my last post that i got my hair braided. it took me about four hours plus to get these braids done, i love them, especially in the wine shade of hair extensions i used.

The inspiration behind my look today was actually two things, first, it was trying to channel my inner Marni for H&M look with the shirt, however i had to tone it down with grey H&M chinos, pastel pink skinny belt so brighten the look abit. Second was a picture a friend of mine sent to me that siad ''stressed, depressed but well dressed'.

i love my Maybelline lip gloss

my toned down Marni look

i love the mix of print on this shirt, and of course my Dorothy Perkins earrings

my arm candy! i love my green heart shaped Anna Ashley watch 

Grey H&M chinos, pastel pink H&M belt, metallic silver H&M flats

i heart this shirt!!!!! 

i was just fooling around with my camera

back view of my braids

i look like i am greatly puzzled by whats on the board in front of me in this picture, whilst showing off my Damien  Marley inspired braids

my Beyonce pose....
my Damien Marley / Marni inspired look.