Friday, January 18, 2013

Midriffs and adornments

I have grown to love midriff tops or cropped tops as they are also known, they give the other wise casual jeans and tee-shirt a certain uplift by showing a some flesh.The main idea of the midriff is to show off well-toned abdomen muscles, this cut also allows you to invoke some sex appeal by showing off whatever body art or belly ring or waist beads you may have on.
 waist beads are my thing, i know it has a lot of cultural connotations, however i have made it my thing, it makes me feel extra feminine, and if i can adorn my hair and ears and fingers and ankles and wrists, why not my waist. i havent quite gotten around to a belly ring and body art, i may never get to it but i do want more ear piercings.
 Midriff tops can be worn with basically anything, maxi, mini and midi skirts, denim jeans, high-waists, shorts, and even for a toned down look a blazer can be worn. wearing the crop top is definitely a bold fashion move because not every fashionista is a free spirit, hippie at mind you know what i mean. some people are a bit on the conservative side, but its ok, not all trends are for everyone. i think the midriff trend is here to stay,its been around for decades now and isnt going anywhere, there are too many beautiful wash-board abs out there that need to be flaunted.

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