Friday, January 18, 2013

Conquer in Camo

The Camo fabric, otherwise known as camouflage fabric depicts military forces of a country.
However due to the fact that fashion inspiration can arise from anywhere, the fabcric of warfare was no exception.
 The camo-trend is on the high rise now, there has been a creation of sophisticated varieties of the camo and all are beautiful.
 The camo-trend depicts a kind of 'hard-core' dont mess with me attitude about the wearer, as members of the Army, country irregardless are not those to be toyed with due to their extensive training and combat.
 i love this trend personally and will hopefully be owning a camo jacket in a few weeks, this trend however is also another look for the strong hearted, because wearing camo draws attention to you and some fashionistas are lowkey.

these boots are too fierce is would so own them.

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