Saturday, November 24, 2012


i would describe statement pieces as those items of clothing or shoes or accessories that stand out in an ensemble, one that commands attention. its simply impossible to un-noticed in certain outfits or hairstyles, even manicures!
 here are some statement pieces, some that command attention. after all fashion is about making a statement, however an individuals personal style decides to express it.

prints ,multiple bracelets and multi-chrome clutch

Balenciaga egytofunk paired with a pleated mini

multiple accessories!!!

need i say more, bright yellow skirt with a thigh high slit and metallic gold pumps

neon in shoes, bags or jewelry is sure to make you noticed

the metallic gold Celine bag, brings life to any outfit

plunging rear! the conversation begins when you turn your back

a studded bra like this through a sheer top is sure to make them stare

with hair like this and fancy earrings you will turn heads

you cant beat this gold studded peter pan collar

hair like this just screams LOOK AT ME!!!

you wont even need to stretch your arm for a handshake for this hand to be noticed

you'll be the have the men wanting to kneel and kiss your hand in this manicure

now this is what i call LOUD AND COOL

with such an edgy manicure every hot guy out there will sure wanna put a ring on it, LOL.

i cant describe to you my extreme love for this outfit, its unusual. Eva seems to be channelling her inner Kirsten Stewart and in my opinion she aced it!

owing to the fact that a lady's hair is one of the first thing people notice about her, a stylish head wrap cannot but  bring the WOW-factor

Dorothy's red shoes in Wizard of Oz cant beat these shoes!

edgy accessories, a tatoo, cleavage and red lips, everyone is looking already

there is nothing that stops you from trying statement pieces, be it animal prints, bold eye make-up, red lips, fancy manicures, chunky jewelry or perhaps even a tatoo. personal style is how YOU decide to express your self through the way you look.

look Fabulous,

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