Saturday, November 24, 2012

dress up and conquer

Hello World.

i do apologize for my prolonged absence. I am back fully.

i recall something my mentor told me a few weeks ago. he said to me that moods dont matter, there are things to be done. thats why i stopped acting based on my mood as much as possible. before i used to paint my nails the colour of how i am feeling when i am upset or dress in a way to convey my mood, mostly negative moods but i stop all that now. my mood means nothing i have to look fly all the time, mask my feelings with a smile, ususally my excessive laughter potrays i'm in  bad mood but only i know that so i'll hang on to that.

  During my exams i didnt let the fact that i was mad as hell that my Ex was screwing or dating whatever  my friend affect me, not that it didnt, it did, a whole lot. however it didnt stop me from studying like a maniac and totally acing my exams. i dont want to be that girl who flunked her exam because she was emotionally perilled, its expected that people cave in as a result from one emotional drama but i wanted to defy that and as much as possible defy it for every bad mood i am in for i seem to have many. i have to look good all the time, boosts my confidence.

i have been in a horrible mood lately mostly because i really like this guy who i dated for a little over a month and things didnt quite work out and i'm simply mad at the world. How come the universe doesnt warn us about such things though? but still i wake up every morning, wear my fake smile, dress up looking exceptionally good, have a bottle of ribena and go about my days, and more often that not my fake smile turns into a real one.

i had a real smile todaY. I got a call from a website, they found both my blogs and loved it and want me to work with/for them. how cool is that. i was thrilled *sips Ribena*.
 i dress up every morning ready to conquer the world. moods dont matter, there is greatness to be achieved.

here are some outfits that i totally love and would definitely conquer in

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