Thursday, March 15, 2012

plaid and stuff....

i didnt wake up in a  great mood today. however stressed and depressed i felt, i dressed up nicely.

my Beverly Hills Polo Club bag

this denim Dorothy Perkins flats have become my default shoes

there was no inspiration behind the funny face

skinny jeans, flats and bags

White Hublot watch, Black Swatch watch and a family of bracelets

as you know i love all things H&M. my shirt is H&M, my grey skinnies are H&M and also my belt is H&M

here it is again, my famous traditional materials used as head wraps. my Dorothy Perkins heart shaped earrings and multi-coloured nails

there i am, bust at work on my Congress Man, i love how my arm candy looks,it baffles people.... *laughs*



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