Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the little boy

there is a little boy who lives inside me, his name is Zeus, i dont know why i chose that name, for the mythological Zeus in my opinion was a man-whore! anyway Zeus loves soccer, and comic books and tee shirts and the likes.
 i woke this Morning and Zeus dictated that i wear this tee given to me by my super awesome and dear friend, Wole. its basically a t-shirt with the first ever comic episode of X-men by Marvel. i am on the small size and it was a bit bigger and didnt have fitting.
this however didnt deter me, i wore it still and added feminine touches to avoid the situation whereby people  have to guess my gender. silver creole earrings, traditional material as a head wrap, metallic silver shoes, purple eyeliner, pink lipgloss, tonnes of arm candy (as bracelets are my new thing) and as always, my everyday Converse sling bag.
the shades just gave me the flare.... *hair blowing in the wind*

my X-men t-shirt

my arm candy. i love my Purple Identity London watch, bracelets from H&M and others from people

head wrap, silver creoles and a wide smile

my girl and i, crazy sun, sunglasses are a must!

i and my friend swapped sun glasses, these ones are so cool, however they dont fit too well *heart break*

half and half

jeans- Aeropstale
shoes- H&M
sling bag- Converse all stars
creole earrings- H&M

i think i managed too give more life to my T-shirt :)

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