Friday, February 24, 2012

my hair story

i cut my hair when i was about 8 or 9 years old. this because i had so much hair and it was thick and hurt to comb so it was cut. i carried an afro till my last year in high school.

december 2009 i got my first perm. i uses Soft-Sheen Carsons Dark and lovely relaxer.

last year somewhere in Europe i took my braids out and had my hair relaxed by a nice lady called Nikolai. less two months later my hair is dew again and un-comb-able. that relaxer is defiantely not made for African hair. if i relaxed my hair here, it would have lasted a little more than 3months.
i thought i'd try a new relaxer, only because it was organic and for kids and also because i my God mother uses it and she is in her sixties.
i headed to the salon to have it done, before the entire relaxer was put in my head, my whole head was on fire.

i begged the stylist to pls wash my hair out in like two minutes. i donot understand, its supposed to be a childrens kit and yet my hair totally rejected it. Hair too has feelings i guess. definately switching back to dark and lovely, it doesnt hurt at all, and keeps my perm in for long, its not too healthy to have a perm often. three to four months for me.
this is the out come of my perm. i love to keep my curls.

curls curls

curls and large earrings

i look so girly with this H&M glimmering head band and Opia heart-shaped earrings

more curls.

my God-mum also introduced me to this hair serum by Africa's best. its good stuff and most especially non-greasy. i recommend it.

know your hair type and treat it right

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