Friday, September 7, 2012

My style

Style is  word with various meanings to different people and is expressed in different ways.
Personally I don’t think an individuals personal style is to be explained of understood by a second party. I recall the other day at church an older woman saw my multi-chrome nails and asked why,  I didn’t have an answer that’ll satisfy her. I just told her that’s how I felt at the time I was painting my nails, that’s how I wanted it and I love it.
My style has to be accessorizing. I just pile on the bracelets, watches,necklaces, throw in a large earrings and anklets. I like how it looks, that’s how I want it. There are few things I hate more than having to explain why I have 9colours of nail polish on both my hands or why I have so many bracelets on, or why I wear to watches.

embrace your style, its party of your identity.

have a great week.,


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