Friday, May 4, 2012

How a Hermes bag is made

i was reading my daily fashion articles and stumble upon this one and just had to share.

its pictures and details about how an Hermes bag is made.

Hermes work shop

the work station, where the ostentatious bags are born

pure leather and threads

hand sewn Hermes Jypsiere saddle bag, priced at over four thousand pounds.

The high street brand is the label of choice to the worlds women like Victoria Beckham and Grace Kelly, founded in France , the brand celebrates its 175th anniversary.
 Hermes bags are hand stitched and can take up to 48hours to complete a Hermes Birkin bag.
last year their profits ran into about 495million pounds!!!!

The Leather Forever Hermes Exhibition takes place may 8- may 27 in London. entrance is free, visit

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