Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out of the blue

Karl Lagerfeld was in the cockpit. The passengers were seated in the flight simulator, a futuristic cabin constructed in a room somewhere under the roof of the Grand Palais. Cue takeoff for Chanel’s spring haute couture: a collection made in blue—154 shades of it, to be precise. Why blue? The sky, of course, in all its infinite changeability. “It’s the color of air, no?” announced Captain Karl, once the “flight” had landed and the audience was disembarking. “It’s the most becoming color. And I’m bored with the red carpet—so why not a blue carpet?” Karl has a new blue-eyed Burmese cat, too. And recently, he said, he’s been looking at the jewels the artist Suzanne Valadon owned, studded with blue chalcedony.

i love this look and the classic shoes

i absolutely love this ensemble, hair included. i would rock this :) 

the detailing on the pockets and the bust and sleeves is really something. elaborate and  girly-pretty

i love this shade of blue, most especially the plunging neckline

there is something about this jaw dropping dress that makes me think of outer space

ah! this!

i love this fabric, the bow detailing makes it all so pretty.

i would so wear this without a second thought?

the man of the show himself Karl Lagerfeld

the Chanel Spring 2012 collection was titled 'out of the blue', i picked my favourite dresses from the collection. its good work.
i raise my glass to Lagerfeld.
what do you think?

source- http://www.vogue.com

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