Monday, September 26, 2011

beautiful beginnings....

i'm an aspiring journalist and i also love fashion.
i have decided to open a branch of my blog called 'not caged'
the concept of the name came up while i was on my fashiolista web page, i was asked what my style of fashion is, i realised i am not stereotyped to any pattern of fashion, anything that suites me really. i dont have rules like i dont do miniskirts, no flat shoes, goth , heavy make-up and all you know. basically anyhow it comes in my mind, rocker chic, conservative, wild card, i really am not caged to a particular sub sect of fashion and i do not like to be told how to dress, i cannot be caged...........
this blog will include pictures of those whose styles i like, as well as pictures of cyber models i have dressed and styled thanks to my H&M personal webpage.

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